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Entry #3

Upcoming Animation

2008-06-16 16:39:22 by Vile-Pudding

Here I will keep an update of my progress of my new animation
Once I hit 100%, I will spend a few days making minor tweaks and adding more details to it.

June 22 - July 8, I will be on vacation in Greece and England, and July 13-August 1, I am working at a summer camp, so it is very possible that no progress will be made between those days.

June 16: 15.8%
June 17: 17.4%
June 18: 17.8%
June 20: 18.8%
June 21: 20.0% //Around here, I threw a party*

~Vile Pudding

* "party" = ate a Clif bar.


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2008-06-16 17:02:47

ok... what is your new flash?

Vile-Pudding responds:

You'll find out ; )